WordPress : An Overview

Have you heard of WordPress, but aren’t really sure what it is, or what it can do?

Perhaps you’ve been told you should build your website in WordPress because it is so easy – but you don’t know a thing about it!

Maybe you want to get started with WordPress but aren’t sure if you should be using WordPress from the .org, or the .com website, or what the differences between them are.

Or you’ve played around with WordPress, but have just ended up lost or confused!

Well, I’ve got good news for you…

Because this is the perfect course for you!

This is a course for anyone that wants to know what WordPress is, what it can do, and enable you to decide whether it is the right product for you to choose to build a website with.

This is NOT a technical course. It is a course designed to give you a good overview of WordPress, so that by the time you have finished it you will have a good understanding of what WordPress is capable of. Please note that this is a no fluff, no filler, no waffle course. I’m sure you are a busy person, and this course is designed to give you all the information you need to know about WordPress in as short a time as possible. Take this course, and 30 minutes from now you will know everything you need to know about WordPress!

Here’s what you are about to get access to…


Module 1WordPress Explained
Unit 1Here's What You Are Going To Learn
Unit 2What is WordPress?
Unit 3What Can WordPress Do?
Unit 4Altering How WordPress Looks, And Changing What It Can Do
Unit 5WordPress.com or WordPress.org - What's The Difference?
Unit 6Is WordPress Secure?
Unit 7Adding Pictures And Other Media Files To WordPress
Unit 8WordPress Multisite Explained
Unit 9User Roles - What They Are And What They Can Do
Unit 10Understanding The Front End And Back End
Unit 11Getting Feedback From Site Visitors
Unit 12Creating Content
Unit 13WordPress's Flexible Configuration Options
Module 2Let's Go Over What We've Covered
Unit 1Rounding It All Up
Unit 2What Have You Learned About WordPress?

Unsure if you should take this course? – Don’t be. And here’s why…

This course comes with a 30 day, ‘no questions asked’, money back guarantee. So, if for ANY reason you aren’t happy with the course, or don’t feel it has delivered on it’s promises, or hey – even if you just don’t like my voice, you can ask for your money back, and get it – in full!

I hope to see you inside the course, and after you join feel free to ask me any questions you have inside the discussion area. I’d be happy to help.

Take this course now. There is no reason not to. It’s completely risk free!

Get lifetime access for just $20

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