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Create & Sell Courses on Your Own Website - No Monthly Fees

A step by step guide to creating, selling, and marketing online courses that are fully integrated into your own WordPress website


Build Your Own Retro Games Machine with Raspberry Pi

This is a fun DIY project to build your own custom built retro games machine for next to nothing using the Raspberry Pi.


WordPress : An Overview

If you have heard of WordPress but aren't really sure of what it is, what it can do, who uses it, or if it is the right thing you should be building YOUR website in, then this is the perfect course for you. Has someone told you that you should build your site in WordPress because it is so easy - but you don't know a thing about it! Maybe you want to get started with WordPress but aren't sure if you should be using WordPress from the .org, or the .com website, or what the differences between them are.


WordPress Security : Comprehensive, but Easy

As the name of the course implies, this course is very comprehensive, but at the same time what I cover on the course is easy to implement. If you really want to protect your site, your customers data, your reputation, and avoid the inevitable problems that arise from having your site hacked then get this course now. Don't just take my word for it, click the button and read through the 5-star reviews and find out what my 2,900+ other students think of the course...


WordPress : Design, Develop & Test - Without a Webhost

If you want to learn how to do WordPress design, development, and testing in the quickest, safest, best possible way then this is the course for you! It WON'T teach you HOW to design, develop, and test, but it WILL teach you how to create your very own web server environment on your PC, Mac, or Linux computer using XAMPP, so that you can safely, quickly, and easily do all your WordPress work offline, without needing a web host.


DesktopServer : Install WordPress Locally - Work Anywhere!

This course will teach you about DesktopServer and how to use it to set up a web server environment on your Windows PC or Mac so that you can work with WordPress locally.

This is not a course that teaches you how to do WordPress development or WordPress web design, but it is ideal for anyone that is a WordPress developer or web designer, or even just someone who want to play around and become familiar with WordPress without having the hassle of buying a domain and hosting.


Raspberry Pi Projects : Build a Media Centre Computer

Even if you know nothing about the Raspberry Pi, or what it is, this course will take you step-by-step through exactly what you need to know to build an ultra-low cost media centre computer.

This is course that anyone can do, and the software you will use is available completely free. No hardware or software technical skills are needed. Just follow along with the well explained, straight forward steps, and at the end of this course you will have a fully functional, fast, media centre computer...


Kindle Formatting : How to Do It Properly

Kindle formatting doesn't have to be difficult! With the information contained in this course you will discover how YOU can perfectly format your own Kindle books, quickly and easily, using free, readily available software. When it comes to Kindle formatting, the internet is awash with confusing, outdated, contradictory, and sometimes, just plain wrong information! It's no wonder that so many people end up with formatting problems that result in low ratings and bad reviews for their books. Easily avoid that happening to you by taking this course and and applying the information you are going to be shown.

Here's Just a Small Selection of the Customer Feedback and Reviews I've Received About These Courses...

WordPress : An Overview

This series of lectures made it easy to understand the basics of WordPress. I now feel ready to decide which system (.com or .org) I want to go and now feel the ease to use WordPress.

Build Your Own Retro Games Machine with Raspberry Pi

After being a hardcore PC Gamer since 1998 I've decided to make my own retro gaming machine and the Raspberry Pi platform looks ideal. I have been looking for help and this course by Chris O Connor is great. It's really clear and easy to follow with step by step guidance , tips and help. The author is clearly really passionate about retro gaming and you can tell this here. I'm really looking forward to be playing some of those old classic games again.

WordPress : Design, Develop & Test – Without A Webhost

I've been a WordPress user for years but have always been apprehensive of trying XAMPP or any other localhost type testing environment. Chris walks you through every step and after viewing his course the first time, I was afraid no more. I referred back to the course a couple times and the process was flawless. Two thumbs up! Thanks Chris!

DesktopServer : Install WordPress Locally – Work Anywhere!

This is a great course. The lecturer is easy to understand and the steps are very easy to follow. The videos are clear so that you can see exactly what actions the lecturer takes.

Kindle Formatting : How To Do It Properly

This is a great course which teaches how to format a kindle book properly. The instructor is very helpful and knowledgeable. The lectures are well organized, in HD. I had great experience with the lecturer answering my queries to my satisfaction. Thumbs up....

Build Your Own Retro Games Machine with Raspberry Pi

Really great course content. Very informative. Chris is an excellent teacher, who covers a wide range of topics on the subject, and moves as a very reasonable pace to educate us.

Kindle Formatting : How To Do It Properly

This course was concise but very detailed. Excellent video and audio quality. Get this course and save time creating your Kindle Book by doing it right the first time. Great job Chris!

WordPress Security : Comprehensive, but Easy

Very Very good!

DesktopServer : Install WordPress Locally – Work Anywhere!

This gave me just the training I needed to become familiar with Desktop Server. I know it would've been a little better if it was on a Mac, but I found there wasn't anything I couldn't translate. Initially I will only need the free version, but expect to need the full version by fall, and this showed me how to manage in the meantime. All in all, a recommended course with a great instructor.

Raspberry Pi Projects : Build a Media Centre Computer

Good information for anyone that wants to build a media device to use at home. Very informative! Recommended.

All of the above feedback is taken from my Udemy courses. Reviews can be verified by visiting my profile page on Udemy. 

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